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Getting Started With Belmar Design, a Jersey Shore Website Design Studio

Determine Your Business Investment:

Although you don’t need to know right down to the penny, it is important to have a general idea of what your company can invest in your web development budget. At Belmar Design, a Jersey Shore Website Design Studio, we’ve found that most companies are in the $2500 -$6500 price range, while other e-commerce needs are in in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 and up. By providing Belmar Design with this information, we’ll be better able to help you decide which functions and features can be included while still allowing your design to be affordable. Factors impacting cost include investment in branding, custom email, e-commerce, SEO, professional video and photography etc.

Gather Content:

Before getting quotes for your website development, it is important to first gather all of the materials for your company that might be included on your site. You’ll need any digital or 35mm images of your products or facilities, brochures and other printed pieces that contain up-to-date information about your business, your company logo, and any other content that you would like to have on your site. This ensures that  we will have a better grasp of the materials that Belmar Design- A Jersey Shore Website Design Studio, will need to incorporate into the web site.

Check Out The Competition:

With web design, it’s easy to learn from other peoples’ mistakes –so take a look at what your competition is doing on their websites and make a list of what you do and do not like about them. This will give Belmar Design a better idea of what you’re looking for on your site.

Determine Your Needs With Our Getting Started Checklist:

My website will be used for:

☐ An online business card to let customers know what I offer and how to get a hold of me
☐ A resource for existing customers to learn more about the products they have bought
☐ A way for customers to order products online
☐ A way to manage information to be used by my employees
☐ Other- ___________________________________

To also consider:

  • What goals do I want to reach with my website?
  • How frequently is information going to change?
  • Who are my competitors and what do I like/not like about their websites? How are mycompetitors doing with their online marketing?
  • (If you currently have a site) What do I like/not like about my own site? Do I need e-Commerce or Data Management? How much information have I accumulated for content in these areas?
  • Have I accumulated pictures, literature and other information to use for content on my site? What specific needs do I have for my site? (such as secure log-in areas, a “what’s new” that you would like to update yourself, etc.)
  • What look would I like my site to have? Fun, professional, technically savvy? Do I have a domain name? Who is it registered with? What is my user name and password to access it?
  • Do I already have hosting? Who is it with? Do I want to switch to Belmar Design? (Note: if you are switching to Belmar Design for your hosting, please visit our hosting area).

Customer Checklist for New Projects To be Completed by Belmar Design a Jersey Shore Website Design Studio

Below you will find a list of things that we will need to get started on your project. Please contact 

us at 732.451.6003 or email info@belmardesign.com if you have any questions.

1. Keywords for search engines: a list of 20 – 25 words or phrases that you think people will

search by to find your site. We will need to add these to each of the pages within your

site so they should be received before we begin.

2. A two sentence description of your company/what you do. This is also for the search

engines and needs to be added to each of the pages.

3.Title for the site. This should use as many keywords as possible without getting too

wordy. For example, our site title is “Belmar Design Web Site Design Web Site Hosting” because

most likely that is what people will search for to find us. Again, this information will be

added to each page so it needs to be received as soon as possible.

4. All of the content for your site. If you are having your site redesigned and wish to use your

existing site content, please supply us with a list of the pages we need to copy for the

new site. Otherwise, you will need to provide us with all of you text content, your

company logo and images in a digital format. You can attach this information to email or

you can supply us with a CD or thumbdrive.

5.  A list of your company colors or colors you would prefer to have on your site.

6. A list of the websites for your competitors or sites that you’ve found that you really like or

don’t like. Knowing more about what you’re looking for by example will give us a better

idea of what to provide.

7. Your company address, phone number, primary email address that will be used for the

site so we can incorporate it into the design.

8. A list of any preferences you have for your site and any printed materials such as brochures so we can mirror your existing company image if any.

This information will allow Belmar Design, a Jersey Shore Website Design Studio, to create a website that is in-line with your needs. You can supply all of the information at one time or as you have the ability to work on it. However, keep in mind that your project may be delayed if the information is not received in a timely fashion. If you have any problems getting the information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you figure it out.

info@belmardesign.com · 732.451.6003

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